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About our Ingredients

We will start our explanation of how we brew Harpoon by reviewing the four ingredients of our beer. We do not put any preservatives or additives in our beer. We use only the best North American ingredients to brew Harpoon.




Malted Barley




Water is the single largest ingredient by volume in beer.
HOW IT IS USED: The water is filtered twice to remove any impurities and the mineral content is adjusted for brewing. 

WHEN IT IS ADDED: Water is added in the first step of brewing, in the mash mixer.  Water is also added in the lauter tun.  

WHERE WE GET IT FROM: The water we use at both of our breweries comes from the local municipal supply. 

Malted barley provides the sugars necessary for fermentation. It also gives beer its color, body, and contributes to its flavor.
HOW IT IS USED: “Malting” is the process of germinating the grains of barley then drying them, sometimes at high temperatures. This gives malt color and flavor.
WHEN IT IS ADDED: Malted barley is cracked open in the roller mill and weighed in the grist case.  It is then added to the water in the mash mixer. 
WHERE WE GET IT FROM: All of our malted barley comes from North America. We use almost 5 million lbs. of pale malted barley a year, plus numerous specialty malts.
Hops provide beer with its distinct bitterness and aroma as well as naturally preserve our beer.
HOW IT IS USED: First used by Bavarians in the eighth century, this flowering vine’s naturally occurring oils provide aroma and bitterness.
WHEN IT IS ADDED: Hops are added to the wort in the brewing kettle. Nugget and Cascade are two of the varieties we use in our beers.
WHERE WE GET IT FROM: All of our hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest, one of the world’s largest hop-growing regions. 
Yeast produces alcohol, CO2, and esters (aroma) during fermentation.
HOW IT IS USED: The interaction of the yeast, a living organism, and the sugars of the malted barley is called fermentation.
WHEN IT IS ADDED: Yeast is “pitched” or added to the hopped wort in the fermentation tank.
WHERE WE GET IT FROM: Our yeast is cultivated here in the brewery and is unique to Harpoon. Yeast contributes  to our beer's slightly fruity aroma.