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Harpoon and Our Environment

Harpoon Helps the Environment

Here at Harpoon we have an ongoing commitment to being a good neighbor.  To us that includes making sure we are using our natural resources responsibly and making environmentally sound decisions.  We have an obligation to our community – today and in the future – to do what we can to make our breweries in Boston, MA and Windsor, VT more sustainable and earth friendly.  We were very proud and honored to be recognized by Mayor Thomas Menino with the Boston Green Business Award in the spring of 2012.

Below is a summary of our current sustainable practices here at Harpoon.  The Harpoon Sustainability Committee is made up of Harpoon staff from different departments committed to identifying and executing green initiatives at both breweries. Check back often, as we anticipate this list will continue to grow. 


Current Sustainable Practices at Harpoon


  • Cogen system installed at the Boston brewery in 2013
  • Recycle paper, glass bottles, cardboard from packaging
  • Provide local farmers with our spent grain for animal feed – not landfill!
  • Treat brewery wastewater on-site
  • Installed movement-sensing lights to save electricity in brewery
  • Installed Freeaire keg cooler system in both breweries
  • Wort cooling water returns to hot tank for future use
  • Recapture condensate from kettle to save on heating hot water
  • Installing new, more energy-efficient chiller; process-monitoring of fermenter temperatures
  • Identifying ways of using less cleaning and sanitizing chemicals by reusing solution where possible
  • We use “Water Monsters” at our sporting events to eliminate bottled water