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Harpoon History from 2007 to Today

2007: Harpoon Cider is Introduced
2008: The Leviathan Series Introduced
2010: New Tanks
2013: The Year of the IPA 
2013: The Beer Hall Opens

2007: Harpoon Cider is introduced

Harpoon Cider came to be much in the same way that Harpoon was started. Several Harpooners were fans of hard cider, but weren't satisfied with the choices of local cider. So we decided to make it ourselves. We found a cider mill about 40 miles from Boston that could provide us with the juice of freshly-pressed local apples. We had them tanker it to our brewery in Boston, we put it in a fermentation tank, added our proprietary yeast, and that was it. No added colors, preservatives, sweeteners - nothing. Just pure apple juice, fermented – craft cider.

Harpoon Cider is great to cook with, and even better to enjoy while cooking.    

Harpoon Cider



2008: The Leviathan Series is introduced

In June of 2008, we introduced the Harpoon Leviathan Series, a limited edition line of specialty “BIG” beers. This series is a way for us to experiment with stronger flavors and bigger beers. It is both a compelling brewing challenge to develop the beers, and gratifying work to offer our drinkers a broader range of tastes and styles. Beers in this series have included an Imperial IPA, a wheat wine called Triticus, Baltic Porter, Red Squared, Quad, and Saison Royale.

              Leviathan Series Imperial IPA


2010: New tanks

In December of 2010 4 very LARGE conditioning tanks arrived and were put into place and an equally huge waste water tank was installed. These new tanks, along with the new infrastructure in place for additional tanks to be installed as needed, significantly increased the capacity of our Boston brewery.

Number of tanks installed:
5 total, four fermenters and one waste water storage tank.

The tanks tower 35" into the air.

Each fermenter holds 1,000 kegs of beer.

They were produced by a very well respected European brewing tank manufacturer called Ziemanns, in the beautiful river city of Ludwigsburg, Germany (near Stuttgart).

Used for:
BEER!! Fermenting gallons upon gallons of glorious, freshly-brewed Harpoon beer!


new tanks installed



2013: The Year of IPA

Harpoon’s 27th year was another great one. We passed more milestones, highlighted by the 20th anniversary of Harpoon IPA.  This big birthday inspired lots of IPA brewing creativity. We launched the IPA Adventure Mix-Pack and introduced Limited Edition White IPA and a Black IPA. Along with Harpoon IPA, Rich and Dan’s Rye IPA, and Leviathan Imperial IPA, we had plenty of fantastic IPA with which to celebrate – and we spread IPA-focussed tap takeovers throughout the East Coast. We loved having so many people come to the festivals, the Beer Hall, and the Riverbend Taps in Windsor, Vermont. It seems fitting that the year ended on a high note, with annual brewing production exceeding 200,000 barrels of beer.  





2013: The Beer Hall Opens!

In February, we opened the doors to our new Beer Hall. After more than a year of planning and construction, fresh Harpoon beer began to flow through 20 taps and our Austrian-made automated growler filler. The Beer Hall has long wooden tables, a big bar, and great views of Boston and Harpoon’s canning and kegging lines.  We also built a system of catwalks so that visitors can tour the brewery any day of the week. Previously, brewery tours were limited to weekends when actual brewing and canning were shut down. And the canning line? That is new too. It was commissioned in March and has been a welcome addition to the brewery.



2014: Harpoon Becomes Employee Owned

In August 2014, Harpoon become an employee owned company. ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Program. It is a mechanism by which a company contributes to its employees’ retirement by allocating shares to them which it repurchases at fair market value upon cessation of employment. This new structure of employee ownership means you can count on Harpoon to stay independent and dedicated to its mission: brewing great beer and sharing unforgettable beer drinking experiences.