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  • The Room Fee is 100% refundable if cancellations are made one week prior to the scheduled reservation.
  • The 5:30 CLUB is intended for private social functions between friends and colleagues and cannot be used for commercial purposes. 
  • The 5:30 CLUB may not be promoted to the general public. Groups using the 5:30 Club must be comprised exclusively of invited guests.
  • Invitations to attend a 5:30 CLUB cannot use the terms “Happy Hour” or “Free Beer”, or in any way suggest unlimited quantities of beer. All beer served is a complementary sample provided by the Harpoon Brewery. 
  • Groups cannot charge a fee for guests to attend the 5:30 Club. Charities may ask for a suggested donation from guests with prior approval from the Harpoon Retail Manager.
  • Harpoon reserves the right to cancel any 5:30 CLUB at any time if we feel this policy has been violated.
  • Make sure you have several possible dates for your reservation as your first choice may not be available
  • Please have a Visa or MasterCard available when making the reservation. Credit cards will be charged when making the reservation.
  • Calling to make a reservation indicates that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions listed on this page.


Reservation Number617-574-9551 ext 663