Beers On Tap

The following beers are currently on tap in the beer hall. The lineup is subject to change. Please check when you visit.

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  • Harpoon IPA
    Harpoon IPA


    Floral, hoppy, beautifully balanced. The definitive New England-style IPA

  • Rich & Dan's Rye IPA
    Rich & Dan's Rye IPA


    Subtly spicy and slightly fruity

  • Boston Irish Stout
    Boston Irish Stout


    A traditional dry Irish stout

  • Harpoon Dark
    Harpoon Dark


    Deliciously dark and velvety smooth with roasted notes

  • Harpoon Ale
    Harpoon Ale


    A balanced and mild amber ale

  • UFO White
    UFO White


    A spicy, refreshing, and clean White ale

  • UFO R.A.Z.
    UFO R.A.Z.


    An unfiltered raspberry wheat beer

  • UFO Hefeweizen
    UFO Hefeweizen


    An unfiltered wheat beer, light and clean

  • UFO Pale Ale
    UFO Pale Ale


    A balanced, lightly hopped unfiltered beer

  • UFO Big Squeeze Shandy
    UFO Big Squeeze Shandy


    A sweet grapefruit shandy with a hint of tartness

  • Summer Beer
    Summer Beer


    A clean, crisp and refreshing K├Âlsch

  • Harpoon Leviathan IPA
    Harpoon Leviathan IPA


    Our Imperial IPA is loaded with big, juicy American hop character and balanced by a strong, malty backbone

  • Braggot Rights
    Braggot Rights


    A blend of an American Double IPA and Wildower Honey

  • Catamount Maple Wheat
    Catamount Maple Wheat


    Mildly hopped to profile the distinct aroma and flavor of real Vermont Maple Syrup.

  • Harpoon Craft Cider
    Harpoon Craft Cider


    A pure and natural cider

  • Midnight Soiree
    Midnight Soiree


    Vanilla beans and cold brew coffee that were added after fermentation in this light bodied dark ale.

  • Harpoon 1906
    Harpoon 1906


    This saison was brewed in collaboration with New Balance for the "Nobody Runs like Boston" campaign.

  • Hazel Evelyn Milk Stout
    Hazel Evelyn Milk Stout


    The varieties of malt give the beer its complex yet smooth character, while the hazelnuts provide a subtle nutty finish.

  • Go Long
    Go Long


    Big hop aroma and taste. This session IPA finishes with a light malty sweetness and surprising body.

  • Imperial Ale
    Imperial Ale


    Features the same malts and hops as our Harpoon Ale - just a lot more. Richer; yet offers bright, sweet, malty flavors.


Handmade in the Beer Hall each day, our pretzels are doughy love knots of pure bliss. Made with Harpoon beer and sprinkled with malted barley from the brewhouse, boiled in Harpoon IPA, and served warm with your choice of two homemade sauces, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your pint.   

Salted - Our Beer Hall Original

Choose two dipping sauces:

  • Garlic Butter
  • IPA Cheese
  • Ale Mustard
  • Rye Jack Cheese 
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Red Pepper Aioli
  • Maple Cider Icing
  • Bacon Ranch
  • Marinara (add $0.50)

Cinnamon Sugar

Served with peanut butter and maple cider icing.


Served with marinara sauce.




Our most popular item is the Harpoon Growler. It is a 64 ounce collectable bottle that we fill to order using an Austrian-manufactured growler filler.  This highly specialized machine provides the highest quality filling process available.  So, select a Harpoon favorite, or try something new to take home and enjoy with friends.