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Beer Brewed with Mango, Pink Guava, Lactose, Ginger, and Lime Peel

Agua Fresca

What’s an Agua Fresca, you ask? While you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, all aguas frescas stick to the same general formula: take an array of fruit, seeds, flowers, or spices, blend them with water and sugar, and drink it as a warm weather refresher. While aguas frescas are typically non-alcoholic, we thought a fermented yet sessionable twist would make for a perfect late summer offering.

Our Agua Fresca combines the refreshing fruitiness of pink guava and mango puree with the bright tang of lime peel and ginger all wrapped together with the tropical spice of Mosaic hops. Soft, light, and endlessly drinkable at 4.3%, it’s guaranteed to beat any heat.

*Contains Lactose*

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