About Captain Kolsch

We were pumped when our friends at Trader Joe’s asked us if we’d like to brew a beer with them; like us, they’re always up for having fun. As we threw around different styles, the idea of a twist on the traditional Kolsch style had everyone jazzed. The name itself is not only a nod to the super beer inside the bottle, it’s also a nod to both the Trader Joe’s Captains who welcome customers to their stores each day and the Harpoon Beer Captains who welcome beer lovers to our breweries every day.

A superhero among beers, Captain Kolsch packs a subtly sweet, slightly hopped aroma and a light body. But before you can say “to the Kolschmobile!” Captain Kolsch swoops in with a crisp hop bitterness and balanced finish. Crimson-hued, refreshing, and moving even faster than a Trader Joe’s Captain, this is not your typical Kolsch. It’s a beer! It’s balanced! It’s….Captain Kolsch!

Tasting Notes
  • Appearance: Bright crimson
  • Aroma: Lightly sweet with a subtle spicy hop aroma
  • Mouth feel: Light and refreshing
  • Taste: Clean malt flavor with a crisp hop bitterness
  • Finish: Well balanced

Available at Trader Joe’s stores exclusively; 22 oz. bottles.


4.8% ABV
26 IBU

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