Chocolate Stout

Our head brewer at our Windsor brewery homebrewed a batch of chocolate stout for himself after trying the style at a beer dinner and loving it.  After several Harpooners tried Scott’s batch, we knew that we needed to add this beer to our lineup. It was originally introduced as a limited edition extra in our winter mix pack back in 2008, but it was soon apparent that our drinkers wanted more of this beer (a beer made with chocolate…not too hard to understand!), so we brought it back in 6-packs in 2010.

A chocolate stout is a beer with a noticeable dark chocolate flavor. This flavor is created from the use of darker, more aromatic malt that has been roasted or kilned until it acquires a chocolate color. Harpoon Chocolate Stout is brewed with an abundance of chocolate malt and a touch of chocolate.

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: Black with a rich creamy head
  • Aroma: Dark malt and dark chocolate aromas
  • Mouth feel: Lots of body
  • Taste: Big roasted malt, cocoa bean flavor
  • Finish: Finishes with a slight acrid taste from the dark malts used in making this beer to balance out the sweetness.

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