Honey Cider

We have always enjoyed the changes of the New England seasons. Since 1988, we have been exploring the ways that beers (and, more recently, ciders) can complement those seasons. A hint of natural honey, combined with freshly pressed apples, makes Harpoon Honey Cider a perfect pairing for the arrival of warmer weather and longer days—another reason to enjoy saying goodbye to winter!

Harpoon Honey Cider adds the sweetness of natural honey to Harpoon Craft Cider. A full-bodied cider with the subtle aroma of wildflower honey and apples, it has the flavor of fresh apples and the lingering sweetness of honey.

Like Harpoon Craft Cider, Harpoon Cider is naturally gluten-free. Its gluten content has been independently measured at less than 20 parts per million, meeting the FDA’s proposed threshold for gluten-free.

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: Light golden
  • Aroma: Subtle hints of wildflower honey and apples
  • Mouth feel: Full-bodied
  • Taste: Dominated by fresh Northeast apples
  • Finish: A lingering honey sweetness on the palate

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