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Traditional German-style Ale

Sticke Alt

Each spring Harpoon employees celebrating an anniversary (5th, 8th, 12th, etc.) are taken on a weeklong overseas “beer trip.”  The 2015 Harpoon beer trip to Germany inspired our latest 100 Barrel Series creation. One night in Dusseldorf, a group of Harpooners on the trip spent the evening trying altbiers in an outdoor beer garden. They kept their friendly server busy adding notches to their coasters with every round, and the lively conversations with friends and locals kept them jovial all night. There was one version of alt in particular, the Sticke Alt, that stood out. Sticke means “secret” because those who brew it keep the recipe a secret. The beer and the evening left a lasting impression. The group came home wanting to recreate that unforgettable night in Dusseldorf for themselves and their friends.

A more formidable version of the beloved alt style, this Sticke Alt has a medium-full body, a rich, complex flavor, and a clean German yeast character.

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