Greetings. My name is Weizenbot. I am a Weizenbock. I am configured to be full-bodied, dark, and robust. I was created by wheat malt, Munich Malt, and Tettnang hops. I have a bready and fruity character in both my aroma and taste. I am semi-dry with some bite at the finish. Please enjoy. Beeee boo be bop bee beep.

A dark, robust, German-style wheat beer

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: Cloudy, deep reddish/brown
  • Aroma: Clove, fruity, bready
  • Mouth feel: Full-bodied
  • Taste: Bready and fruity with a slight bitterness
  • Finish: Semi-dry, but with a good bite, not sweet

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