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Brewing up some beer with our good friends at Jameson.

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While beer will always be our employee/owners first and one true love, we do enjoy a nice glass of whiskey from time to time and when we think Irish whiskey, the one that comes to mind is always Jameson.

When Jameson first rolled out Caskmates- resting their beloved Irish Whiskey in barrels that had previously aged an Irish Stout- we couldn’t wait to give it a try. When that opportunity finally rolled around, we were beyond impressed. The marriage of whiskey and beer is a logical one - given how the two share many of the same base ingredients - but Caskmates presented that marriage in a unique (and delicious) way. When we later got the opportunity to partner up and brew our own Jameson barrel-aged beers to drink alongside Caskmates, we were pretty excited.  

Having done one Jameson barrel-aged beer in the Fall of 2017 (Barrel-Aged Harpoon IPA) and one in early 2018 (Barrel-Aged Imperial Irish Red), we decided to take it up a notch and roll out two at once this fall: Barrel-Aged Cannoli Stout and Barrel-Aged Rye Porter. We were big fans of both of the base beers but aging them in Jameson barrels added such an awesome extra layer.

Attending the Great American Beer Fest? Swing by the Jameson Beer Garden for the debut of the Cannoli Stout. Not making it out to Denver? Keep an eye out for both beers being poured across Massachusetts. Not in Massachusetts? Don’t fret. Crack open an IPA and pour yourself a nice glass of Jameson IPA Edition Caskmates… It’ll hit the spot, we promise.

Jameson Barrel-Aged Cannoli Stout

As a nod to his Irish-Italian heritage, Harpoon brewer Mike Tortorelli brewed this Irish stout to showcase the distinct flavors and characteristics of a North End cannoli, with just a touch of Irish whiskey to round it out. Brewed with a handful of specialty malts and 5lbs of graham cracker crumbs, it pours jet black with malty notes of bitter chocolate, espresso, and whiskey. Massive additions of cacao nibs and vanilla beans provide extra depth of flavor, while lactose lends a soft, creamy mouthfeel and subtle but dessert-like sweetness. Aged for three months on a bed of cacao nibs and vanilla beans in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels, this stout finishes clean with a faint but comforting note of whiskey and oak.

7.4% ABV

Pairs best with Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

Jameson Barrel-Aged Rye Porter

"Tasty but rugged" is the way that Harpoon Vermont head brewer, Ryan Thompson, best describes this barrel-aged imperial porter. Incorporating a wide range of specialty malts, it pours near black with a slight red hue and boasts layer after layer of nuanced malt character. The addition of chocolate malt, dark crystal, and roasted barley give the beer its dark appearance and lively notes of roast and dark chocolate, while Victory malt, special roast, and Carapils add depth and a rich, full body. The addition of rye malt gives the porter some distinctive notes of berry and spice which is rounded out by a healthy amount of Willamette hops. Aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels for over three months, it opens with bright aromatics of whiskey, vanilla, and oak and finishes with a subtle, whiskey-like warmth.

9.8% ABV

Pairs best with Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition or Stout Edition

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