Harpoon and Yards Bet on the Big Game

Go Pats

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Our hometown heroes in New England are headed to the Big Game! You know what that means….it’s betting time! That’s what you were thinking too, right? Great, because we’re on it. Here’s the 411….

The all-vegetable shortening had barely dried on the Philadelphia lampposts before our friends at Philly’s Yards Brewing reached out to us about a friendly wager on the Big Game on February 4th. Here’s the wager:

If (“If”! Ha!) New England wins, Yards will pour a keg of scrumptious, New England-brewed Harpoon IPA in their tap room the day following the game. Not only that, but the Yards Brewing staff would be required to wear Harpoon gear all day long.

But if Philly wins… we’ll do the same here. Speak up?

We said if Philadelphia wins we’ll pour a keg of Yards Brewing beer here at the brewery in our employee lounge. And yes, we’ll don Yards Brewing Co. gear. So in some small, small way, even if our team doesn’t take home the trophy, at least we’ll get to drink some delicious Philly-brewed beer. Just trying to keep the “glass half full” here, people!

While the bet is all in good fun, it goes without saying that there’s more to just football and beer. As part of this friendly wager, from January 24th through Sunday, February 4th, both breweries will donate a portion of proceeds to local charities in Boston and Philly. Here in New England, we (Harpoon) will donate $1 for every pint of Harpoon Fresh Tracks sold in our Beer Hall and $10 for every keg of Fresh Tracks sold in Boston to The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This is an organization committed to transforming trauma care for civilians and military heroes that was founded in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  In Philadelphia, Yards Brewing Company will do the same for each pint and keg of Yards Philly Pale Ale sold, donating to Prevention Point, an organization working on the front lines of the opioid crisis in Philadelphia.

So win or lose, come February 5th we’ll be raising a toast to the winning team in the spirit of friendly competition, with delicious beers in hand.

And to our friends at Yards, we’ll email you the tracking number for the keg of Harpoon IPA that’s on its way to you now…




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