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Brewing has often been described as a science and an art. At Harpoon, we work very hard to combine both to create unique and flavorful beers for you to enjoy. So, it’s no surprise that we have some of the best of the best on our brewing staff. This series will focus on the Harpoon Employee Owners behind the beer – where they are from, their brewing suppositions, most proud (and embarrassing!) brewing moments, and more! That way, the next time you see them out and about, you can high-five (they like hugs too) the craftsman behind your favorite Harpoon beers.

Meet, Chris Lyon. When he's not doing his best Chris Farley impression, you can find him shredding the slopes while jamming out to bluegrass! 

How long have you been at Harpoon? 

3 Years

Where are you from?

Merrimac MA

What’s your brewing history?

Home-brewer. All of my professional brewing experience is at Harpoon!

What’s your all-time favorite beer?

Harpoon Take 5. Absolutely love session IPA’s.

Have any Brewing/beer Pet-Peeves?

Nope. It’s all good. 

What’s been your proudest brewing moment?

Getting to join the Harpoon brewing team.

What’s the most embarrassing brew moment?

Fortunately, I haven’t had any noteworthy embarrassing moments yet. 

Who would you bring back from the dead to have a beer with?

Chris Farley

What’s your favorite place to have a beer?

Any ski lodge. Beer at music events is a close second. 

Got any brewing superstitions?

None yet.

What’s your favorite ingredient?

Mosaic hops. I haven’t been able to brew an IPA with mosaic hops that hasn’t come out great. Really great aromatic and flavor profile make this hop a must try.    

Who’s your brewing icon/role model? 

I wouldn’t say I have one particular brewing icon/role model. Every brewer I meet I take away some kind of inspiration.

Have any favorite jams to rock out to while you’re brewing?

The classics – The Beatles, Led zeppelin…. Folk music – The Devil Makes Three, Greensky Bluegrass…. Reggae jam band tunes – Bob Marley, Dispatch…

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