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Brewing has often been described as a science and an art. At Harpoon, we work very hard to combine both to create unique and flavorful beers for you to enjoy. So, it’s no surprise that we have some of the best of the best on our brewing staff. This series will focus on the Harpoon Employee Owners behind the beer – where they are from, their brewing suppositions, most proud (and embarrassing!) brewing moments, and more! That way, the next time you see them out and about, you can high-five (they like hugs too) the craftsman behind your favorite Harpoon beers.

Meet Rich Eyring. He is a huge fan of giants; both the football team and the wrestler!  

How long have you been at Harpoon?

5 years

Where are you from?

Putnam Valley, NY (1 hr north of NYC)

What’s your brewing history?

I’ve always had a love for better beer than light lagers. In college, I would bring Ommegang 3 Philosophers to parties instead of drinking the mass produced beers. I started homebrewing back in 2008 and that gave me a passion for brewing beer. While working a full-time office job, I interned part-time from 2011-2012 at Blue Hills brewery in Canton, MA. Then in the early spring of 2012, I left my job at WGBH and internship and started working at Harpoon!

Got a Harpoon nickname?

Not that I know of. Hopefully, that’s a good thing; not a bad thing!

What’s your all-time favorite beer?

Harpoon- Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA--- Non-Harpoon- Sierra Nevada Celebration ale with a very close second of Troegs Nugget Nectar

Have any Brewing/beer Pet-Peeves?

Clean up after yourself! Also, Don’t leave pumps in the middle of hallways!

What’s been your proudest brewing moment?

Doing the 100bbl for the Zildjian beer! And, winning the homebrew competition for Hibis This! In 2015.

What’s the most embarrassing brew moment?

Having to dump a batch of pilot beer after accidentally transferring cleaning solution from the pilot lauter to the kettle.

Who would you bring back from the dead to have a beer with?

Andre the Giant- I’d probably die trying to keep up with him!

What’s your favorite place to have a beer?

Either my living room, chilling, or with friends around a campfire.

What’s your favorite ingredient?

Probably hops. So many different varieties and they can change the beer so dramatically.

Who’s your brewing icon/role model?

Don’t really have one…

Have any favorite jams to rock out to while your brewing?

If I’m working on the pilot for the week, I usually have Talking Heads Pandora Station going.

Open ended – Anything else you want to add about how awesome you are?

I’m a huge Mets and New York Giants fan! Other than that, people know how awesome I am!

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