Harpoon Gets Rugged for 5th Year

You get muddy, we'll bring the beer

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For the fifth year in a row, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race to fill your summer with beer, friends, and mud! At several races between now and September, we’ll be serving ice cold Harpoon beer at the finish line, so make sure you meet us at the end of your race.

Rugged Maniac believes that playing outside with your friends isn’t just for kids. They've taken the concept of recess and added beer, music, and games and it’s all for adults. They amped up the playground with massive water slides, gooey mud pits, and tons of other fun and challenging obstacles. Who wouldn’t want to get a little dirty when you’re doing it with beers and friends?

Come join us for 25 Obstacles + 3 Muddy Miles + Post-race Harpoon beers with thousands of other maniacs at the event just voted The Best Large OCR in the US.  

Check out the races we’ll be at below, and remember to use the code FOH18 when signing up to get 25% off your ticket.

New York City: 6/23/18

New Jersey: 7/7/18 & 7/8/18

Long Island: 7/21/18

Pennsylvania: 8/4/18

Twin Cities: 9/15/18

New England: 9/29/18 & 9/30/18

Register today at www.ruggedmaniac.com.

See you out there!

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