#JustAddFriends Photo Captions

Win a trip to Harpoon Octoberfest!

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GREAT NEWS - From April 2nd to May 18th, you can win an epic trip to Harpoon Octoberfest and all you have to do is post a picture of delicious Harpoon IPA and tag your friends. It’s that simple!

Maybe you’ve got a couple perfect pics hanging out on your phone already, but what happens when you've nailed the picture but just boarded the struggle bus to caption anxiety? Don’t worry. We. Got. You.

Here are some captions our own caption professionals* have created just for you.

  • The best beers are the beers we drink with friends!

  • I don’t know what’s cooler, this beer or our friendship.

  • I love you more than beer...and I REALLY love beer!

  • I’ve got those Monday Blues, Harpoon IPA!

  • I finally have a 6-pack!

  • You’re unBEERlievable.

  • You bring the IPA and I’ll bring the party!

  • Friends don’t let friends go thirsty.

  • Life is brew-tiful, and so are you!

Be sure to add #JustAddFriends and tag your friends, including us at @harpoonbrewery! See the full details and photo gallery HERE >>

Wanna be friends? Make it official and become a Friend of Harpoon today! It’s free and full of special rewards just for you >>

*Full transparency - this definitely isn't a real thing but we did brainstorm with a bunch of IPAs and we think we nailed it. Do you have a better idea? Post it to Instagram and let’s see what you’ve got!


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