Where the Heck is UFO?

Learn more about New UFO Beers!

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You may have noticed an absence of UFO on the site. What gives? We are excited to announce that UFO Beers has a new home… and a new look!

What can you expect to find on this new website? Beer (obviously), but you can also learn how to cook with beer, and even add beer to some of your favorite cocktails. So, basically, no matter what your day throws at you, we have a beer solution for you!

But you guys still brew UFO, right? You betcha. We are still the proud brewers and employee owners of those partly cloudy pints of deliciousness and you can continue to enjoy them at both of our breweries.

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For more about UFO Beers, including more information about the discontinuation of UFO Big Squeeze (#RIP), click here. We look forward to sharing a drink with you soon!

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