Your Guide to Navigating BBQ Fest 2018

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We're celebrating summer at the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT the best way we know how - with beer, friends, live music, and some of the best BBQ!

On July 28th and 29th, 34 barbecue teams from around  New England will travel to our brewery in Windsor, VT for the 2018 Harpoon Brewery BBQ Fest. Here's the deal: competitive BBQ teams compete to be crowned the Grand Champion which earns one lucky team a ticket to the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue. Read: you get to enjoy some damn good BBQ! And, duh,  we’ll have a wide variety of your favorite Harpoon beers available to help you wash it all down. This festival is an absolute blast but it’s a lot to take in. So to help you out, we compiled some tips to help you maximize your festival experience:


1. Get yourself ready.

Just can’t wait for all of the grub you’re going to get at BBQ Fest? We feel you... Hold yourself over by trying one (or both) of these recipes created by two of our returning BBQ teams. Get the recipes.

2. More Friends = More Food.

Ever heard the age old adage, “my eyes were bigger than my stomach?” This one seems obvious but the more friends you bring to the festival, the more you can steal off their plates and open your palate to a larger variety of foods…

3. Bring a designated driver.

We’ll have plenty of beers on tap for you to enjoy all weekend long. Plan ahead and make sure you have your transportation to and from the festival figured out ahead of time. AND, all designated drivers receive complimentary non-alcoholic beverages at our Customer Service booth! This feels like a win-win-win-wi...we lost track.

4. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate

"Meat Sweats" is a real thing. Look it up. Or don’t cuz that could get gross. Add a beer or two on top of all of that meat and trust us, water will be your best friend.

5. Bring an extra shirt, or two.

Spills are bound to happen, and being prepared is key. It also doesn’t hurt to change up your appearance to thwart any suspicion that this is your 5th time snagging a sample from the same vendor…

6. Don’t miss your favorite band.

Check out our band schedule ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss seeing your favorite band play live. Get the schedule.

7. Leave room for dessert.

We know what you’re thinking, just what I need, more food! There will be fried dough, fried candy bars, fried cookies, and pretty much anything non-meat related that can be fried, fried. Some desserts will even be made using our beer.

8. Get Schooled at Beer University.

We get it: there’s world-class food outside. Just don’t forget that we have world-class beer inside. Let our brewers teach you about how all the beer magic happens. Did we mention there will be samples!?

9. Bring your Friend of Harpoon card.

Friends of Harpoon get $5 off their admission. This means that your admission will be only $10, which includes 1 beer/soda ticket. Login to Friend of Harpoon to access your card.

10. Get Here Early.

This is one of our biggest festivals of the year, and while we’ve got plenty of parking, it pays to get to the brewery early for that primo spot. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches the size of your head, and more meat than you’ve seen in your entire life.

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