Harpoon 5-Miler 2020 Registration Pro-Tips!

February 25, 2020

In light of the uncertainties brought about by COVID19, we have decided to postpone 2020 registration.  Please note that we are not yet canceling this event.  Our goal is to maintain maximum flexibility so that we can still hold a successful fundraiser for the Angel Fund in May. This event means a lot to us, and the cause is close to our hearts. We are committed to our goal of holding the Harpoon 5-Miler this year and hope you will join us!

For those of you who are counting down the seconds until registration opens, we’ve created some “Pro Tips” to help you navigate our “rush” registration system. These are going to come in handy on Wednesday the 18th, so study up!

1. Set your alarm for 11:59am EST on registration day. We expect the race to fill up extremely quickly. Clear your calendar, make a ‘lunch meeting’ for yourself, and don’t forget!

2. Finish your registration as quickly as possible! Your spot is NOT guaranteed when you start the registration process. It is guaranteed when you complete the form and your credit card is charged. If the race fills up while you’re still attempting to register, you will be locked out. Make sure to complete your registration ASAP! (Psst… the rest of our tips will help!)

3. Returning Runners: Test Your Log-In Credentials

There is NOTHING worse that forgetting your password in the moment you need it most. If you ran the Harpoon 5-Miler last year, or if you’ve ever run a race with RunSignUp before, you will already have a profile set up with them. Test your username and password NOW to make sure you don’t get locked out on registration day.

Simply visit the race website and click the RunSignUp icon in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear, and you’ll be able to log in to your account from there.

Need to reset your password? You can reset it by clicking the “Forgot Your Password?” link when the “Sign In” box appears.

4. New Runners: Create a RunSignUp profile ahead of time!

  • Head to NOW and create a runner profile here. It will save you a few steps on Registration Day— your personal information will already be entered when you start to register.
  • DO NOT forget your password between now and Registration Day!

5. On Race Day, log in to your RunSignUp account before noon.

You can’t register before 12:00, but you can log in to your RunSignUp account as early as you want. If you’re already logged in, you’ll just need to click the “Sign Up” button when the portal opens at noon, and you’ll be brought straight to registration. If you’re not signed in, you’ll have to spend valuable moments signing in when the clock strikes 12:00.

6. Have all of your personal information ready at noon! This includes your credit card number and Emergency Contact info. Save yourself the extra seconds of riffling through your wallet or scrolling through your phone. Have everything ready to go at noon.

7. Become a Friend of Harpoon NOW. Friends of Harpoon receive an extra beer ticket on race day. If you want to become a Friend of Harpoon, don’t attempt to do it during registration— it’s only going to add an extra step and slow you down. Click here to sign up today!

8. Team runners: Do NOT worry about assembling your teams just yet! Do not panic when you don’t see a team option when registering—it is not supposed to be there! Focus on getting yourself signed up (and, of course, badgering your friends to sign up). You will assemble your teams once registration is full. Find out more about Team Registration here.

We’ll see you all at noon on Tuesday, March 18th!

Questions? Check out our Registration FAQs here, or email us at


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