Harpoon Helps Spread Holiday Cheer

October 30, 2020

Every December, we send hundreds of “Harpoon Helpers” to various community organizations (shelters, soup kitchens, etc.) to decorate for the holidays and to spread cheer all over the Greater Boston area– and in select cities across the Northeast. This year, it’s proving unsafe to go out into the community the way we usually do, so we’re building a new way to spread cheer: with holiday wreath decorating kits!

This year’s “mission” has 3 goals in mind:

1) To make something beautiful, by hand! Get those creative juices flowing with friends/family you’re social distancing with, and of course, enjoy some beers together while you decorate!

2) Spread Cheer: When you finish your wreath, you can keep it to enjoy all season long OR give it to someone who needs a little extra cheer this year. This might be a neighbor, a local shelter, a family member or friend, or even a frontline worker. Take pride in what you’ve made and put a smile on someone’s face! The employee owners here at Harpoon will be donating our wreaths to the locations we usually decorate.

3) Raise Funds: Net proceeds from the sale of each wreath kit picked up in Boston will be donated to the 20+ locations in Boston that we usually decorate each year (see list below). Net proceeds from the sale of each wreath kit picked up in Vermont will be donated to the Upper Valley Haven.

Kits are $55 and include:

Get yours here!

*Pickups:  You must be able to pick up your kit during our designated windows:

Boston Pickups: December 2nd and 3rd from 4:00-6:00pm

Vermont Pickups: December 2nd from 4:00-6:00pm

Decorating: Decorate your wreath on Saturday, December 5th or Sunday, December 6th and be sure to post photos of your wreaths using #HarpoonSpreadsCheer and tag @harpoonbrewery. We’ll give out prizes to lucky winners who post by 5pm on Sunday the 6th!

Spread Cheer: As soon as you can, give your wreath to someone in need or someone you’re thankful for so they can enjoy it all month long!

Picking up in Vermont? Consider donating your wreath to the Upper Valley Haven. Wreaths will be donated to guests living in the Hixon adult and Byrne family shelters as well as to households seeking supplemental food at their Food Shelf. Drop-offs are welcome Between 9 am and 3 pm M-F.

It’s more important than ever this holiday season to stay connected and spread some cheer.

Thank you for joining us!


Net proceeds from wreath sales in Boston will support:

Casa Nueva Vida

Nazareth House

Haley House

Sojourner House

Millennium House – Children’s Services Roxbury

South Boston Neighborhood House

Putnam Place Pre-Independent Living Program

Orchard Gardens Boys & Girls Club

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Hildebrand Family Self Help Center

Somerville Homeless Coalition

Brookview House

Heading Home

Pine Street Inn

St. Ambrose Family Inn

Net proceeds from wreath sales in Windsor, VT will benefit The Upper Valley Haven:

The Upper Valley Haven is a non-profit, private organization that has served people struggling with poverty since 1980. The Haven offers support and fosters independence to over 14,500 people per year through four domains of service: Food, Shelter, Education and Problem Solving.


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