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Harpoon Take 5 Session IPA Launch Parties

There are a lot of things that you have to do every day, so we brewed a beer to help you get to the things you want to do. Please join us in welcoming our newest year-round Harpoon beer –Harpoon Take 5 Session IPA! Vibrant citrus and pine hop aromatics greet a distinct malt profile that sets this Session IPA apart. Clocking in at 4.3% ABV, Take 5 is just the excuse you need to round up your friends and break for some fun. Read more

Introducing Harpoon Take 5 Session IPA

It is with great joy, excitement, pleasure, glee, and all the other synonyms that the thesaurus lists for “happiness” that we introduce our NEW YEAR-ROUND beer, Harpoon Take 5 Session IPA! Harpoon Take 5 Session IPA is the first addition to Harpoon’s year-round lineup in nearly 4 years – and it was well worth the wait, if we do say so ourselves. Read more

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