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The Trucks of HarpoonFest

May 13, 2019

HarpoonFest is all about the music, the beer, and of course… the food! The question is, which food truck are you going to stop by first? Read on to learn about the HarpoonFest food offerings that will be on site May 17 & 18.

The Bacon Truck
Available Friday & Saturday
Learn More: http://www.bostonbacontruck.com/

Calling all our bacon-loving friends! Stop by the bacon truck for delicious dishes featuring one of our favorite ingredients- bacon. The Bacon Truck proudly serves Blackstone St. Smokehouse’s thick-cut, applewood smoked bacon. Prepared and smoked right here in South Boston, it’s the best bacon around.

The Shuck Truck
Available Friday & Saturday
Learn More: https://www.shuckfoodtruck.com/

Harpoon is located in the heart of the seaport, so you’re sure to get a full Boston Seaport experience pairing a cold Harpoon beer with a bite of fresh seafood from The Shuck Truck. Have we mentioned their lobster rolls?

Moyzilla Food Truck
Available Friday & Saturday
Learn More: https://www.moyzillaboston.com/

Moyzilla is bringing Asian street food and dumplings to join the festivities. We hear their classic dumplings (pork & napa cabbage) pair well with crisp, refreshing beer.

Tenoch Food Truck
Available Friday & Saturday
Learn More: https://www.tenochmexican.com/

What would make an outdoor festival with live music, beer, and all of your friends even better? Tacos. Tacos make everything better.


Stoked Pizza Food Truck Available Friday & Saturday
Learn More: https://www.stokedpizzaco.com/

If the thought of wood fired pizza at a festival gets you STOKED, you’ve come to the right place. You could argue that this crave worthy pizza could pair with just about every beer we offer, but Stoked provided us with a great option with their expertise. Try something full of flavor, like their pepperoni, paired with something clean, crisp, & thirst-quenching like Harpoon Rec. League.


Chubby Chickpea
Available Saturday
Learn More: https://www.thechubbychickpea.com/

The Chubby Chickpea defines falafel as “chickpeas that are ground with fresh herbs and spices, then fried into little vegetarian balls of happiness.” They had us there. Or maybe at their house-made laffa wrap with creamy hummus, crisp Israeli salad and garlicky tahini sauce.

The Dining Car
Available Saturday
Learn More: http://diningcar.net/

A kitchen on wheels! The Dining Car offers selections inspired by cuisines from all over the world. From lamb sandwiches, to crispy cauliflower florets, to one of our personal favorites – the Honey Truffle Goat Cheese Sandwich.

Don’t forget to explore all of the trucks and let us know what food + beer pairings you try on social! Use #HarpoonFest to get featured. Learn more about HarpoonFest here!


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