Cranberry Cider

Winter is a time of merriment filled with joyful gatherings and traditions new and old. This is a cider made to celebrate the distinct flavors of the season – and have jolly fun with friends!

Crisp, subtly tart, and slightly sweet, Harpoon Cranberry Cider is brewed with cranberries and freshly pressed apples. Its brilliant pinkish-red hue and effervescence make it a festive addition to every winter celebration.

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: Brilliant pinkish red, crystal clear, effervescent
  • Aroma: Cranberry tartness is balanced by apple sweetness
  • Mouth feel: Crisp, tart, and lightly sweet
  • Taste: Very slight refreshing astringency
  • Finish: Cranberry tartness lingers, scrubbing the palate and leading to another sip

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