Harpoon Czernobog is our tribute to the hardy English stouts brewed to endure the journey across the frigid Baltic to the Russian Imperial Court. This Russian Imperial Stout will withstand the darkest of winters.

Named after the ancient god of darkness, Czernobog was the last beer we made in our Leviathan Series – and one of our favorites. So we stashed a few bottles in the cellar. As winter approached we noticed that our supply had dwindled and we knew it was time to go back to the brewhouse to resurrect the darkness. With powerful notes of unsweetened chocolate, dark fruit, and molasses, it’s our pleasure to reintroduce this Russian Imperial Stout.

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: Black as night
  • Aroma: Roasted coffee, nutty, some dark fruit
  • Mouth feel: Smooth, medium to full bodied
  • Taste: Rich, coffee, nutty, slight raisin
  • Finish: Delicious aftertaste leaving you wanting more; same flavors as above

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