Director’s Cut

About Director’s Cut

Mark Edwards and Jim Perry (members of Harpoon’s Board of Directors) knew that being lifelong friends with Harpoon’s co-founders, Rich and Dan, would eventually pay off.  This 100 Barrel Series beer is proof of that!  After being unable to settle on one particular style, Mark and Jim thought it would be fun to try blending two of their favorite styles – pale ale and stout.  Friendship is like brewing… always a creative collaboration.

This complex, yet drinkable beer is a blend of pale ale and stout.  The aroma is a combination of hop from the pale ale with roasted notes and just a hint of smoke from the stout.  The rounded body of the beer starts with sweetness from the caramel malt in the pale ale and finishes with aggressive roasted fullness of the stout.  The finish is crisp and bitter, but with no astringency.  This perfectly blended beer is the marriage of two excellent individual beers coming together to make one phenomenal brew.

Tasting Notes
  • Appearance: Dark, ruby-chestnut brown with dense rocky head
  • Aroma: Bright sweet citrus hop with firm malt foundation
  • Mouth feel: Medium bodied with refreshing carbonation which scrubs the palate
  • Taste: Roasted malts preeminent, but balanced by clean hop bitterness
  • Finish: Bitterness lingers pleasantly

Limited Distribution


Only available in 22 oz bottles


6.3% ABV
41 IBU

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