Dunkin’ Blueberry Matcha IPA

Brand new for 2021, this hazy IPA is inspired by Dunkin’s Blueberry Matcha Latte. Brewed with blueberries, Dunkin’ matcha, and a blend of traditional and modern hops, it’s both tea-like and tropical with bright, juicy notes of mixed berry. Available only in the Dunkin’ Dozen Mix Pack!

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: Hazy straw gold
  • Aroma: Fresh juiced blueberries, bubblegum, fresh cut grass, green tea
  • Mouth feel: Medium-light and soft
  • Taste: Blueberry muffin, gummy candy, matcha smoothie
  • Finish: Light with a splash of blueberry
Beer Details:
  • ALC/VOL: 6.6%

Available In:
12CAN 12PK (1)-1201x943-84f79ef
12 oz can

Dunkin' Dozen Mix Pack

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