About Hop O Rama

Step right up, folks, and prepare to be amazed – by the Hop-o-Rama. Six hoppy beers, three mix pack exclusives, one great time.

Featuring Harpoon IPA, Harpoon Rec. League, Harpoon the Craic, and mix pack exclusives: Double IPA, New England Pale Ale, and Oatmeal IPA.

Double IPA: Big on hops but not too bitter, this Double IPA has a boatload of aromatic hop character and just enough malt body to balance it out.

New England Pale Ale: A medley of brand-new hop varieties brings vibrant fruit aromatics and fresh hop character to this refreshing take on the Pale Ale style.

Oatmeal IPA: A hearty addition of flaked oats lends a slight haze and subtle sweetness to this India Pale Ale. The lively citrus and tropical fruit hop notes complement its smooth body and soft mouthfeel.

Included Beers:


ABV Varies

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