June 6, 2019

It’s playoff hockey time and our hometown heroes in black and gold are fighting to take another cup home to Boston.

You know what that means… it’s betting time.

We reached out to our good friends over at Schafly Beer in St. Louis and put a little wager together. Here’s the deal. When Boston rightfully takes home our 7th cup, Schlafly will receive a shipment of Harpoon IPA straight from Boston. Not only that, but their brewery staff will be required to wear Harpoon gear all day long in their St. Louis tap room.

And if St. Louis wins… we’ll do the same here.

But hey, let’s put this in terms we all understand. Beer terms, that is. We have a whole 6-pack worth of cups already under our belt in Boston, and Schlafly doesn’t have a single beer. We like those odds.

GO B’S!!


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