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Will You Marry Us?

At Harpoon, our motto is “Love Beer. Love Life.” and we want to celebrate that by giving a beer-loving couple the opportunity to win a 2022 Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall wedding for up to 150 people (a $7,000 value)! Whether you are saying “I do” for the first time or renewing your commitment, we want to celebrate your love with you!

The submission process has ended. Thanks to the nearly 200 couples who entered! Voting will begin at 12PM on 6/1 and end at 6PM on 6/8.

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Finalist 1 Lisa and Joe

Lisa & Joe

Joe and Lisa immediately bonded over their love for family. In November 2019, they found out they were pregnant with their first child. Sadly, they found out they lost the baby on January 12, 2020. Their shared pain and resilience made them truly believe they belonged together, so they got engaged alone in their apartment in the early weeks of the pandemic. Two weeks later they found out they were pregnant with their rainbow baby, who is now a healthy four-month-old baby boy! With a new baby, wedding planning has taken a back seat, but they would love to have the chance to celebrate with friends and family after a tough year.

Finalist 2 Colin and Keith

Colin & Keith

Colin moved to New England in 2014 and decided that he would come out to his family once he found the person he would spend his life with. With a swipe to the right, he found that person in Keith (who of course crushed it with meeting the family). When Covid hit, they decided to quarantine together, which made them realize that they were ready to take the next step in their relationship. Keith decided he was going to propose on their third anniversary – but Covid had other plans. Colin called Keith on his way home and told him that he had tested positive – so Keith had to wait out the two-week quarantine and later decided to propose on a rainy day in Prescott Park. Needless to say, it was worth the wait.

Finalist 3 Krista and Casey

Krista & Casey

Krista and Casey fell in love while enjoying craft beer and listening to middle aged men sensually perform TLC’s “No Scrubs” at a dive bar. 2020 was supposed to be a big year – Krista was turning 30 in March and her family was going to visit, which is when Casey planned to get her dad’s blessing. Unfortunately, March 2020 did not turnout according to plan. Casey was laid off from his job as a bartender and engagement plans had to be tabled. Although this was disappointing, they knew that having each other was enough and that they had a lot to be thankful for. This past March, Casey was finally able to ask Krista to marry him on their favorite beach in Dennis, MA with their new dog in tow.

Finalist 4 Joseph and Marykate

Joseph & MaryKate

Joseph and MaryKate met at a company Christmas party, but did not get to know each other until they were serendipitously sent to Sydney, Australia on separate business trips. What started as an adventure seeking friendship turned into more. In late 2020, Joseph bought the perfect ring, asked MaryKate's father for his blessing, and as he was planning the surprise, he contracted COVID-19. After he recovered from his symptoms, he had severe chest and shoulder pain and had to be rushed to Tufts where he found out that COVID-19 caused blood clots in his lungs. With MaryKate's support and positivity, Joseph recovered, and he proposed to her at Good Harbor Beach on March 19, 2021.

Finalist 5 Javier and Shawn

Javier & Shawn

Shawn and Javier’s first date was at Anchovies – unsure of how the evening would go, Shawn had a backup plan for a friend to call with an “emergency” if the night wasn’t going well. Luckily for him, the date couldn’t have gone better. A year later, Shawn proposed to Javier on a beach in Spain (where Javier is from). They have been engaged for five years and would have loved to have gotten married by now, but the pandemic put a wrench in the plans. Shawn is a Spanish teacher and Javier is a nurse practitioner who worked with Covid patients in Chelsea, MA, all while continuing to work his regular job in infectious disease. After a tough year, they are finally ready to tie the knot!

Voting has ended! Stay tuned for the winning announcement!

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